Mobile development now and in the future

 In terms of application development, separating devices is starting to be a blurred line. Services become standardized regardless of the device.

Due to the rise of smartphones, the number of mobile services exploded at the beginning of the decade. In the past five years we've seen mobile devices go from an additional gadget to the most used online device. Which factors and concepts shape the development of mobile services from now on and what is their meaning to marketers? Read More Dec 22, 2016

Study: How does link placement affect the CTR of newsletters?

 Avoid causing an information overflow by making the content as clear and concise as possible and paying attention to link placement.

Can analytics provide information on where the reader's attention is focused on in newsletters? Where should a CTA or Read More link be placed and how does it affect the click-through-rate of the letter? These questions were being examined by assistant professor Ashis Kumar from the Aalto University and marketing professor Jari Salo of the Oulu University. Read More Aug 16, 2016

Buying process at a turning point – do you lead your customers through the buyer's journey?

 The marketing of your company should act as a navigator that leads your potential customers to the buyer's journey through different paths.

In March, we shed some light on the subject of omnichannel marketing in our blog. Mapping out the customer's digital journey and defining the roles of marketing channels are some of the most important elements of omnichannel marketing. This month we'll take a look at the digital buying process. Read More May 23, 2016

From multi-channel to omnichannel marketing

 Omnichannel marketing differs from traditional multi-channel thinking in all the channels communicating more efficiently together.

During the last year a visitor may have heard the term omnichannel marketing in the aisles of marketing trade fairs. Professionals talk about seamless customer experiences in different channels and a new way of thinking when it comes to marketing. What has changed or has anything? Read More Mar 23, 2016

Target groups in email marketing: who deserves your attention?

 You can improve personal communications with email marketing and closely follow your customers' reactions in the newsletter reports.

The beginning of a new year is a good time for planning the company's marketing actions, both old and new. Newsletters are already familiar to many companies, but have different stakeholders been taken into account in communications? Read More Jan 26, 2016

Marketing automation benefits in numbers

 The most successful small businesses use marketing automation 7 times more likely than others.

Marketing automation is used in a growing number of companies and many are considering it. Automation is commonly regarded as something that boosts your business and saves resources but what do the studies say? Is marketing automation worthwhile? Read More Nov 19, 2015

Marketing automation in practice, part 4: taking full advantage of the existing customer data

 The understanding about the customer is divided into small pieces: customer service knows one part, marketing another, sales perhaps third.

Most companies continuously gather an enormous amount of data about their customers. Despite the amount of information, the big picture is often hazy – not to mention that all this data would be taken advantage of in marketing actions. Read More Aug 13, 2015

Marketing automation in practice, part 3: Drip campaigns – step by step towards a goal

 Careful targeting and mapping out the customer's behavior are common for all drip campaigns. The better the different stages are mapped out, the better the result.

Automated drip campaigns allow you to direct, teach and re-engage your customers on a longer time span. In the third part of our article series, we go through some practical examples of drip campaigns. Read More Jun 25, 2015

Practical Case of Successful Email Marketing: Savings Banks Group

 The subscriber base has been increased through multiple channels by involving in the personnel of the bank and using social media along with other web services.

Savings Banks Group’s digitalized newsletters got an excellent reception. Following case presents some of the factors which led to the success. Read More Apr 15, 2015

Information security and websites – what should marketers be aware of?

 Any software can have vulnerabilities and problems sometimes. The key factor is how fast they are reacted to.

It is more and more common for IT to be in the center of marketing and communications. But only a handful of marketing professionals come to think of what an important role security plays for a web service. Read More Mar 10, 2015