7 most common barriers on email marketing

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7 most common barriers on email marketing Email marketing is often done without a proper plan. The lack of continuity might cause the "Gone cold" phenomenon. Just as in any other marketing methods, you need to keep your audience committed to you. Email marketing is often done without a proper plan. The lack of continuity might cause the "Gone cold" phenomenon. Just as in any other marketing methods, you need to keep your audience committed to you.

Email marketing is undeniably one of the most powerful and cost-effective forms of digital marketing. So what is it that's stopping companies from doing it? We listed down some of the most common barriers on email marketing.

1. I don't know how!

Getting started with things is often the most difficult part of it all. If email marketing is mostly a new concept, it might be difficult to grasp the entire idea at first. Luckily, there is lots of valuable information out there. Email marketing software providers for example often have blogs in which they discuss different aspects of email marketing, such as case studies, tips on email marketing as well as hot topics on the field. So feel free to benefit from the help and expertise of industry professionals. Learning from others is often one of the best ways to find out what's most convenient for you. There are also guides available, such as the Email marketing guide provided by Liana Technologies.

2. I don't know why

Many times companies don't understand why they should do email marketing in the first place. In other words, they don't believe in it. This is often due to not really understanding how they should use it, on what purposes and how they could benefit from it. In this case we recommend talking to a professional that can help you reflect email marketing on the particular business you are in. When it comes to the question why: measurability is one of the advantages of email marketing. There aren't many marketing methods out there from which you can get as accurate and beneficial information to support your business.

3. Not seeing the "big picture"

Often companies fail to see the big picture which also makes it difficult to understand why email marketing should be done. Email marketing is only one (yet crucial) part of the entire digital marketing continuum. It is a channel to address your audience as well as a tool to drive visitors on your website, online store or any other web service. It also enables you to carefully target your content and reach your recipients regardless of time, place and country borders.

4. Not having a plan

Email marketing is often done without a proper plan which makes it difficult to carry it out. The lack of continuity in email marketing might cause a phenomenon called "Gone cold". In other words your recipients forget who you are and are no longer interested when you finally get your next newsletter done. Just as in any other marketing methods, you need to keep your audience committed to you. Remember that your first email marketing scheme doesn't have to be a master plan, you can always modify it when you learn to know your recipients better. However we recommend that you do one before sending out your first newsletters. It's easier to stick to a plan when it exists.

5. No lists

Growing an email list is often a major obstacle that companies come across right in the early stages of their email marketing processes. Many of the tactics are in fact quite easy and simple to carry out, you just need to make the decision to get started with it. We have gathered a few tested tips to organically grow your list.

6. Poor tools

We've all seen them. A poor tool and a technical struggle might easily take all the fun out of your other efforts. A good email marketing tool should be user-friendly, the management of subscribers and lists should be easy and it should also have comprehensive reporting data. Our advice is, don't buy your software blind folded. Instead do a comparison between different tools and have the users of the tool themselves try them out. Having a tool purchased by the IT fellas is probably your marketing department's worst nightmare.

7. Lack of resources

Yes we know. Not all companies enjoy the luxury of having people dedicated for marketing communications and content creation. At the same time it is these smaller companies that often benefit the most from cost-effective marketing methods such as email marketing. If your resources are tight, having a good tool is even more crucial. The plan helps as well: if you decide to send a newsletter out monthly, put in your calendar and there it stands then. If something is scheduled, it's more likely to get done.

Barriers in general are there for you to overcome them. Really it's all about the effort and making the decision to start with email marketing. If done properly, email marketing is not only powerful and cost-effective but also dynamic and enables independent, self-sustainable marketing. It can reward you with new customers, happier existing ones, better internal communication or whatever the specific communication goals are. 

Contact our experts of digital marketing if you want to discuss more about getting started. We can also give you a free demo on LianaMailer - the power tool for email marketing.

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Barriers of e-mail

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