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Digital marketing – the bigger picture? No matter how well the newsletter is done, it is often the destination that matters the most. A well designed newsletter with interesting content will help you drive visitors onto the site. Yet it is usually the layout and content of the site that determines whether or not your actual goals are met.

Email marketing, email marketing, email marketing... a marketing tactic that has established its relevance and efficiency worldwide. Varying by country and area, there are places where email marketers are only taking their first steps in utilizing this tactic as a part of their marketing mix. Equally, there are places where email marketing has found more and more developed forms, stretching all the way up to marketing automations, A/B testing and dynamic content. Email marketing is undeniably a very cost-effective and powerful marketing channel. Yet it doesn't work on its own.

The bigger picture

Let's take the following scenario to reinforce the point noted above: company x is doing systematic email marketing and putting loads of effort in it. They have chosen a well-established partner to provide them a professional email marketing tool and thoroughly tested all their email marketing templates. Moreover, they have invested in choosing a creative partner to design the visual look of their templates as well as found someone to create amazing and interesting content for their letters. One might say that company x now has great prerequisites to kick off a successful and beneficial email marketing strategy. Yet it is all more or less wasted unless the digital marketing continuum is at place.

A newsletter is often at its best when it is short and precise. By this we mean that the letter itself focuses on providing short teaser texts that make the reader want to click on a link thus forwarding them on a website, online store or a landing page. This continuum is crucial, since no matter how well the newsletter is done, it is often the destination that matters the most. Depending on what the company's goals are, the website, landing page or online store could be designed to purchase, to download something, to create leads or get feedback for example. A well designed newsletter with interesting content will help you drive visitors onto the site. Yet it is usually the content and layout of the site that determines whether or not your actual goals are met. A big amount of visitors on the site is of course a great thing in itself but in most cases not the eventual goal.

The above scenario takes us right back to the term digital marketing continuum and the significance of the term. The most important lesson of the term is continuum, in other words the notion that no single action is enough on its own but continuance is needed. A great newsletter will never reach its full potential unless it is supported by a well designed landing page to generate leads. Equally an amazing website needs email marketing (as well as other digital marketing methods) to drive visitors onto the site.

The continuum of digital marketing

At Liana Technologies we talk about the Marketing Cloud – in other words the digital marketing continuum. On our continuum you'll find website as the first phase thus highlighting the importance of having a good foundation to build your online visibility onto. Marketing comes right after, since just having your website "out there" will most likely not bring you the desired outcome. As we've said to many of our eCommerce clients: it doesn't matter how well-made your online store is, it will never market itself. This is a good lesson to keep in mind.

As the third phase of the continuum we mention segmentation and analytics. Simplified, it highlights how important it is to listen to your audience in order to improve the relevance of your content. The better and personalized your content is, the more your audience will engage. And the more they engage, the more you'll probably sell.

Does it sound overwhelming? Don't take it as such. Remember that everything doesn't need to to be done at once. Instead small steps can be taken, simultaneously keeping in mind the big picture.

Take a closer look at the Marketing Cloud

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