Liana Technologies Hong Kong launched a series of digital marketing events in June

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Liana Technologies Hong Kong launched a series of digital marketing events in June Hot topics, inspiring talks and good wine - the fully-booked event was well-received by the Hong Kong marketing and communications professionals.
Kenneth Kwok and the power of Hulk-sized data.
Douglas White on how to do social media effectively.

Big data, marketing automation, social media and content marketing - hot topics matched the summer heat in the first Liana Technologies Hong Kong event in June. Complete with good wine and plenty of networking opportunities, the fully-booked event was well-received by the Hong Kong marketing and communications professionals. The next event will be organized in the fall 2015.

Local and international experts meet

The concept of the Liana events is to combine the international knowledge and best practices of the company with that of the local professionals. In the first event the local speakers included Kenneth Kwok, the Managing Director of Beehive Strategy and Douglas White, the founder and CEO of Prosperity Research Limited.

Felix Chau, Business Development Manager from Liana Technologies represented the local Liana knowledge, while the international point of view from Finland was brought by Riina Vasala, The Director of PR Cloud.

Big Data and Marketing Automation in theory and practise

Kenneth Kwok from Beehive Strategy and Felix Chau from Liana tackled the important question of Big Data and its use in practise. While Mr. Kwok shed light on what exactly Big Data is, its challenges and opportunities on a large scale, Mr. Chau went further on to describe the everyday, practical use of Big Data in the form of marketing automation as a tool for sales. It really does keep your customers coming back! 

Social media - much more than you think

Douglas White from the social media agency PRDA enlightened the crowd on how to use social media in marketing and communications - the right way. Social media is one of the most effective tools, but often fails because of lack of technical understanding. Social media is no longer about clever posts, but about algorithms, SEO, engagement, understanding communities, social CRM and especially analytics; social media should be as much about ROI and conversion as it is about brand building.

PR as a tool for content marketing

Riina Vasala from Liana PR Cloud shifted the conversation to the effective use of PR in content marketing. "If I was down to my last dollar, I would spend it on public relations", said Bill Gates once. Why? Because PR is the original form of content marketing that still delivers results in a cost-effective way. The tricks? To let your PR tell a story, to build lasting and meaningful relationships both with the media and other audiences, and to distribute the content to different channels.

Building communities

Liana Technologies does not only aim to provide tools for digital marketing and communications, but also to become an active member of the marketing and communications community in all the markets it is present in. 

The Liana events have been organized for around 10 years, and they have become a popular meeting point for marketing and communications professionals in many countries. The events originated in Finland, and last year they were also successfully launched in Berlin, Paris and Dubai.

The company also organizes several different events both individually and in collaboration with other companies. Active involvement with universities and other educational institutions is also an important part of contributing to the community. Other forms of activity include sponsorship and marketing research.

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