Drag & Drop Editing


newsletter mailings created with LianaMailer last year.

Composing messages will never be the same.

With the modular message template you can add, delete and move different content sections of the newsletter freely without messing up the layout of the newsletter.

Email Client Distribution


illustrative views of your sent newsletters.

See the email client distribution of your newsletter subscribers.

The statistics shows you a visually appealing graphic illustration between mobile and desktop users as well as the exact distribution of email clients in use.

Single-Customer-View (SCV)


companies use LianaMailer for their marketing purposes.

Subscriber information and history of a single recipient.

Our appealing illustration shows you  the downloads, clicks, location and other history details of a single subscriber with one glance.

Landing Sites


admin languages.

Amazing landing sites to support your newsletters.

With LianaMailer's Landing Sites tool you can create landing sites to support your newsletters. You can easily manage the content on the pages and shift between the tools seamlessly. 

LianaMailer is available in 11 different languages, e.g. in Russian and English. Content is supported in 170 different languages.



billion messages sent with LianaMailer last year.

The strengths and weaknesses of your letter with one glance.

LianaMailer's Heatmap shows you the hot and colder links of your newsletter with one glance. The colour-indicators are based on the reactions of your recipients.

Shared Reporting


of our customers are happy with Liana Tech's service.

Share your reports with your colleagues or managers with only a few clicks.

LianaMailer's shared reporting tool provides you with an illustrative table of the efficiency and success of your mailing. 

What our customers think

The customer really matters for Liana Technologies, which shows as friendly, quick and professional service. The real time online chat has been an irreplaceable help in urgent situations.
Stiina Laaksonen Publicist, MTL - The Finnish Association of Marketing Communication Agencies
We are very happy with the system's functionality as well as with the clarity and usability of the templates. Liana Technologies gets a special thanks for the positive attitude and service of their staff. It is a great pleasure to do business with people who start looking for solutions for the customer's needs instead of just trying to sell their products.
Pirjo Tiippana Communications Specialist, SOSTE

Interested? Contact Us for More Information!

Interested? Contact Us for More Information!

Do not hesitate to contact us, ask for a demo and get to know LianaMailer better.

You will get the best idea of LianaMailer, its features and user interface by seeing it and trying it out yourself. By showing us your interest, you will get a free demo of LianaMailer at your own office or online. We guarantee that you will not be disappointed after seeing LianaMailer.

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