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Email marketing is one of the fastest growing forms of digital marketing and for a reason. If done properly, it is both powerful and cost-effective. The new environment with its ever-changing conditions poses however a real challenge for marketers to keep up.

The email marketing guide offers you the latest information completely free. The guide has quickly become popular amongst marketing professional and practitioners in different markets and industry areas.

In our guide you will find

  • Best practices and do's and don'ts of email marketing
  • Tips to create newsletters
  • The choice of technology and challenges in choosing one
  • Case examples
  • Overall around 80 pages of efficient information to support your business

About the authors:

Samuli Tursas

Samuli Tursas

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Pekka Huttunen

Pekka Huttunen

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Samuli Tursas

CEO, Partner

Samuli is one of the founders and a long-term CEO of Liana Technologies, a company specialized in cloud based software for digital marketing and communications. Samuli has been working with communications and marketing software for over 13 years with his own initial background in software design. Before becoming an entrepreneur Samuli studied IT and marketing in the University of Oulu in Finland. During his years as an entrepreneur, Samuli has lead Liana Technologies to become the fastest growing technology company in the City of Oulu, the Silicon Valley of Europe. The company is number 267 on Technology Fast 500 EMEA list with its future goals are even higher.

Working with hundreds of different digital marketing projects in the course of the years, Samuli has a strong vision about the practice of digital marketing. He stresses marketing that creates results, a clever use of technology (technology is merely a tool and not the purpose itself, yet it needs to be used properly) and iterative, agile development both in marketing as well as in software.

In his free time Samuli is a passionate fly fisher. Catching salmons in the rural parts of Norway brings a perfect balance to the busy life of an entrepreneur in digital marketing.

Samuli's hints for digital marketing:

  • Data is your friend. With the help of proper data you can learn to invest in channels that suit you as well as rule out those that don't.
  • Take small steps. Avoid complete makeovers. Digital marketing consists of small steps and if you try to renew everything at once you might loose the correlation between success and failure.
  • Software are tools and you need to know how to use and utilize them. A successful implementation requires a good balance of both good technique and excellent content.

Pekka Huttunen

Director, M. Sc. (Econ.), LianaEvents

Pekka is the Director of LianaEvents, a software designed to control the life cycle of events. Pekka has years of hands on experience with digital marketing, both with direct clients and through partnering agencies. He holds a Masters degree in marketing from the University of Oulu. His co-operation with the academic world continues even after his graduation as he frequently lectures about digital marketing in various universities and industry events.

Pekka sees the future of digital marketing corresponding more and more recipient's preferences. Digital marketing enables us not only to create new segment categories but to identify an individual recipient to create targeted and personal communication. Marketing automation systems will help marketers create cost-effective yet interactive communication chains with their customers.

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