Technical Details

LianaMailer's Technical Details

Servers Private Cloud environment: Dedicated Private Cloud Servers in multiple data centers around the world.
Location of data Helsinki (FIN), Moscow (RUS), Hong Kong (CHI), Dubai (UAE), London (ENG), USA (TX), Paris (FRA) and Nurenberg (GER).
Sending capacity According to customer's need, several sending servers per customer.
DKIM Yes, supported.
SPF Yes, supported.
Management of bounces
and inactive email addresses
Yes. Automatic bounce management. Recognizes soft and hard bounces.
Back ups Automatic back ups every night, physically to a different space.
Information security Yes. System audited by a 3rd party.
Integrations Yes. XML/Webservices and SOAP. Interface descriptions available on request.

LianaMailer's Standard Features:

  • Modular tool
  • Top quality information security and server environment
  • Password protected administration accessed with browser
  • Using the tool doesn't require add-ons or software installations
  • Message composition with Drag & Drop user interface
  • Automatic scaling and optimizing of images
  • Content import from among others Word
  • Cropping, framing and editing images with browser
  • Subscriber imports from Excel or CSV file
  • Easy-to-use text editor
  • Mailings to several lists, possibility for block lists
  • Scheduling of messages (by time zone as well)
  • A/B testing of messages
  • Support for mobile-friendly messages (responsive)
  • Possibility to define a Plain text message
  • OR and CTR reports
  • Spam filter diagnostics
  • Automatic validation of links
  • Direct subscriptions from website
  • Automated unsubscriptions
  • Comprehensive reporting features
  • User account management for large organizations as well
  • Support and user services
  • The most recent versions of following browsers are recommended for administration: Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome and Safari

Interested? Contact Us for More Information!

Interested? Contact Us for More Information!

Do not hesitate to contact us, ask for a demo and get to know LianaMailer better.

You will get the best idea of LianaMailer, its features and user interface by seeing it and trying it out yourself. By showing us your interest, you will get a free demo of LianaMailer at your own office or online. We guarantee that you will not be disappointed after seeing LianaMailer.

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