Effective Email Marketing with LianaMailer™: Free Demo

Email marketing can generate an ROI of up 3800% (DMA).

With LianaMailer™, you can explore the email marketing channel in a professional way:

  • Create appealing and mobile-friendly newsletters: easy-to-use Drag & Drop editor
  • Address individuals in your emails: personalized blocks based on subscribers' interests or characteristics 
  • Use save email marketing platform: built-in deliverability tool and strict database security
  • Boost international email marketing: multilingual UI and different time zones for email scheduling
  • Send SMS messages: event reminders or customer satisfaction surveys
  • Track your email marketing performance: Open Rates & CTR, Heatmaps, A/B testing, email client distribution and mobile opens
  • Increase conversions with email marketing: create landing pages for your newsletters
  • Get a personal approach: Account Manager and monthly account overview

UI of a professional email marketing tool LianaMailer™

See how you can boost your email marketing with LianaMailer™:

Aki Kaukola

With LianaMailer™, OR and CTR of our newsletters have been far better than the industry average. At their best, our email campaigns have reached excellent results: OR 42,54% and CTR 21,44%.

Aki Kaukola
Brand Manager, Mazda