B2B Marketing with LianaMailer

1. Starting Point

1. Starting Point Minna Andersson LianaMailer offered us ease of use, efficiency and many new features compared to the previous tools. Minna Andersson Marketing and Responsibility Manager, Martela Plc

Martela needed an effective and easy-to-use newsletter tool that would easily scale for the needs of an international business. Martela's focus is on B2B communication that is carried out in different units in Europe. When acquiring a new newsletter tool Martela wanted to unify corporate tools since, until that point, they had used several different tools. Bringing all of their newsletters on the same platform woul help in unifying the layout and appearance of the letters.

2. Planning

2. Planning Elliroosa Heikka The ready-made Drag & Drop templates and a multilingual user interface make it easy to use the tool across borders. All in all, this was a versatile and interesting project. Elliroosa Heikka Account Manager, Liana Technologies

In planning marketing and email templates, it was important for Martela to preserve the appearance of the brand from message to message. Before this had been difficult since different units had different tools for creating newsletters. The objective was to communicate locally in such a way that the overall appearance of Martela brand remained the same. Each country was created their own user account with ready-made templates in their native language. With the Drag & Drop editor it is easy to modify the letters without messing up their general appearance. An advertising agency was involved in planning the layout of the letters. 

3. Implementation

3. Implementation Minna Andersson Liana Technologies was regarded as an agile company that is able to quickly respond to changing needs and offer further development. Minna Andersson Marketing and Responsibility Manager, Martela Plc

LianaMailer was taken into use first in Finland, after which training was organized for users in other countries as well. Martela uses LianaMailer for B2B communication in Finland, Sweden, Norway, Russia, Poland and Denmark. The multilingual user interface and technical support make it easy to use the tool flexibly across country and language borders.. 

In addition to LianaMailer, Martela has also acquired another service provided by the Liana community: Eventilla event management tool, which is used for managing signing up for various events of the company.

4. Result

View image 4. Result Minna Andersson LianaMailer is a tool that is easy to use and functions well. A big thanks goes also to the customer service, contact and technical support that quickly helps you with the most acute problems. Minna Andersson Marketing and Responsibility Manager, Martela Plc

LianaMailer was chosen because of its comprehensive features, support service and usability. An important factor in the co-operation between Liana Technologies and Martela has been Liana Technologies' high standard of service. In acute situations, user support is easily available also in English by email, on telephone and on online chat directly from the user interface. The ability to react to changing situations has been adding value: One of the gratest advantages with an evolving tool is that the new features are soon within the grasp of existing customers.

What our customers think

We wanted to create a high-quality factual newsletter that is pleasant to read. We send one specifically themed newsletter each month. With LianaMailer, composing and sending newsletters is effortless. We are very happy with LianaMailer and the customer service Liana Technologies has offered us.
Marko Kesti CEO, Mcompetence
With the reporting tools, it is easy to keep track on openings and clicking percentages and to target the messages to different groups. LianaMailer is significantly more efficient and more pleasant to use than the tools we had before.
Heidi Wilkman Project Manager, MTL - The Finnish Association of Marketing Communication Agencies

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Interested? Contact Us for More Information!

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