Mazda's B2C Marketing with LianaMailer

1. Starting Point

1. Starting Point Lari Suomalainen LianaMailer's multilingual and handy user interface make it easy to use the tool across borders. Lari Suomalainen Global Head of Sales, Liana Technologies

Mazda's main objective in acquiring a new email marketing tool was to find a mutual and easy way to communicate to different target groups in various markets. Finding the new tool was also related to an overall facelift due to which it was crucial that the newsletters work perfectly and look good at the other end. LianaMailer was chosen since it offered a multilingual and easy-to-use user interface as well as comprehensive support services both in Finnish and in English.

2. Planning

2. Planning Aki Kaukola The best outcomes have resulted from carefully targeted newsletters where we have been able to address the consumers in a way that interests them, with exclusive content. Aki Kaukola Brand Manager, Mazda, Inchcape Motors Finland

For Mazda's newsletters, the priority was to make the appearance and the content support the brand message. All communication needs to go hand in hand with the company's high quality standards, which applies also to the newsletters as well as to other marketing channels. Right from the start, they also wanted to put effort on collecting new opt-in subsribers. Mazda already had an existing register with customer details but it needed to be enriched and better targeted. To grow the customer register, several possibilities for subscribing as well as teaser sites were embedded into their web pages that had been created with LianaCMS.

3. Implementation

3. Implementation Samuel Sihvola In this project, we have constantly progressed both in terms of the services provided by us and the content provided by the customer. Altogether different means of digital marketing are made use of in a versatile way. Samuel Sihvola Key Account Manager, Liana Technologies

User accounts and newsletter templates that followed the new global appearance of the Mazda brand were created both for Finland and for Baltic Countries. After choosing LianaMailer, the appearance and the contents of the newsletters have further been developed. During time, a message that is in accordance with the brand and the product development has been created. Apart from a newsletter that is sent on a regular basis, LianaMailer is also used in different campaigns that support other marketing, such as printed communication. By constantly developing the contents they have moved from the traditional way of marketing thinking into an approach that is more personal and influential.

4. Results

View image 4. Results Aki Kaukola We are especially pleased with the fact that LianaMailer is an evolving system that brings new product innovations within our reach. And the support chat is awesome! Aki Kaukola Brand Manager, Mazda, Inchcape Motors Finland

Mazda has been especially pleased with the fact that LianaMailer is an evolving tool. This way the limitations of the tool will not prevent their communications from moving towards the desired direction. The support chat has been an excellent service and it makes it easy to use the tool also across country borders. With centralized support service, users of different levels will always get a solution to their problems quickly anytime anywhere.

Today Mazda is regularly sending out newsletters to it's audiences. Moreover, the aim is not just to send the letters out but to develop the communications further as things proceed. The Open- and Click-through-Ratios have been far better than industry average (OR 24%, CTR 2,8%). At their best, Mazda's carefully targeted campaigns have reached excellent results:

  • Open Ratio 42,54%
  • Click-through-Ratio 21,44%

What our customers think

With the reporting tools, it is easy to keep track on openings and clicking percentages and to target the messages to different groups. LianaMailer is significantly more efficient and more pleasant to use than the tools we had before.
Heidi Wilkman Project Manager, MTL - The Finnish Association of Marketing Communication Agencies
Above all, we appreciate the fact that the images in emails download automatically. Targeted messages are created easily and quickly and we get comprehensive and clear reports of everything. LianaMailer has fulfilled all our hopes.
Suvi Aalto eCommerce Manager, Nordic Moneta Ltd.

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