SOSTE communicates with LianaMailer

1. Starting Point

1. Starting Point Laura Kouri We already had good experiences of co-operating with Liana Technologies so after LianaCMS it felt natural to start using LianaMailer as well. Laura Kouri Communications Specialist, SOSTE

SOSTE, Finnish Society for Social and Health, is a national parent organization that brings together over 180 associations from social and health care sector as well as dozens of other partners. After the establishment of the organization in 2012 the next thing to do was to form a basis for marketing and communications practices. They were looking for centralized means of communication that made it possible to be actively present online. They chose LianaCMS for building their web pages and later on acquired also LianaMailer for newsletter communications. 

2. Planning

2. Planning Pirjo Tiippana Drag & Drop-based newsletter is easy to send, the content is clearly divided into sections and the layout is well-structured. Managing mailing lists and subscriber information is easy. Pirjo Tiippana Communications Specialist, SOSTE

A digital newsletter was chosen for carrying out regular contact with members. The letter would be sent directly to the email of the receiver but would also be available in browser format. Member letters in general contained a lot of information and different stories to which LianaMailer's Drag & Drop editor was the perfect choice. The editor allows different content blocks to be moved, added and deleted freely according to need. An additonal newsletter template was also created for marketing and informing about courses and training sessions. In addition to a member letter, SOSTE sends a newsletter called SOSTEma targeted especially to the executives of the sector. 

3. Execution

3. Execution Ville Lehtoniemi Drag & Drop editing is a great example of customer-based product development here at Liana Technologies. It is a solution that simplifies the everyday work of many of our customers. Ville Lehtoniemi Account Director, Liana Technologies

For SOSTE it was important to actively collect new opt-in subscribers on their web page. The newsletter needed to be easy to subscribe for anyone who's interested: this way the web page would support newsletter communication and the other way around. On the web page visitors will also find an archive of all the previously sent newsletters so the members can easily access and browse them anytime. New subscribers are actively encouraged online: with LianaMailer the customers will always get a subscribe page designed with the newsletter's layout which can easily be embedded onto a web page. SOSTE embedded their form in many parts of the web page from where the new subscribers are directly added to the mailing lists in LianaMailer. With the help of active marketing of the newsletters SOSTE has gotten a lot more new subscribers and multiplied their number.

4. Result

View image 4. Result Pirjo Tiippana It is a great pleasure to do business with people who start looking for solutions for the customer's needs instead of just trying to sell their products. Pirjo Tiippana Communications Specialist, SOSTE

With LianaMailer SOSTE has found a centralized mean of communication that can easily be expanded according to new needs. The SOSTE staff has been very pleased with the functionality of the system as well as with the usability and clarity of the templates. Apart from a handy newsletter tool, the positive customer service mentality of Liana Technologies is also praised. Newsletter communication has rapidly become an important part of SOSTE's communications.

What our customers think

Definitely the best outcomes have resulted from carefully targeted newsletters where we have been able to address the consumers with interesting, exclusive content. We are especially happy with the fact that LianaMailer is an evolving system that brings new product innovations within our reach.
Aki Kaukola Brand Manager, Mazda, Inchcape Motors Finland
Above all, we appreciate the fact that the images in emails download automatically. Targeted messages are created easily and quickly and we get comprehensive and clear reports of everything. LianaMailer has fulfilled all our hopes.
Suvi Aalto eCommerce Manager, Nordic Moneta Ltd.

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