Mr. Big uses Email Marketing in eCommerce

1. Starting Point

1. Starting Point Niko Pääkkönen Email marketing is a crucial part in boosting your online store sales. Even a good online store needs marketing to gain traffic and customers. Niko Pääkkönen Head of eCommerce, Liana Technologies

Mr. Big, the store for big and tall men wanted to renew their digital marketing tools by finding a new partner for eCommerce and email marketing. Mr. Big's new eCommerce website was created using LianaCommerce platform that integrates into LianaMailer, the email marketing tool. The objective of email marketing was above all to engage the customers of their online store and to boost sales with the help of various campaigns and offers.

2. Planning

2. Planning Pia Kangas LianaMailer's reports make it easy for us to see which campaigns worked well and which not. Planning upcoming newsletters and marketing is much easier when it's based on actual data. Pia Kangas Sales Director, Liana Technologies

While planning their email marketing strategy it was important for Mr. Big  to be able to collect the information of new online store customers and to import them easily into the email marketing platform. Moreover as resources were tight the composing of the newsletters should be made as easy as possible. The automatic integration of the eCommerce platform and newsletter tool chosen made sure that the new customers of the store were automatically imported as newsletter subscribers in LianaMailer's mailing list. Doing so made it easy to include new customers and bring the latest offers into their attention as well. For some time now, email marketing has been considered an effective channel to share information on latest products and offers as well as for boosting different campaigns.

3. Implementation

3. Implementation Niko Pääkkönen Newsletters that are generated directly from the content of the online store are very popular. Correctly implemented, they will save time and resources. Niko Pääkkönen Head of eCommerce, Liana Technologies

The newsletter template was carried out in such a way that composing newsletters would require as little resources as possible. With one click, you can import online store offers and main products, which will automatically find their place based on the product information and images appearing in the online store. In addition to the automatically generated sections of the letter, the template can also be modified for each mailing. This is how it is possible to create a marketing letter even in a hurry with room also for creativity if need be. From each mailing a comprehensive report is generated which makes it easy to determine what has worked well and gained interest and thus develop communications and supply towards a more customer-friendly direction.

4. Result

View image 4. Result Pia Kangas The power of email marketing becomes concrete when people arrive in brick-and-mortar stores asking about certain products clearly inspired by a newsletter. Pia Kangas Sales Director, Liana Technologies

According to Mr. Big's experiences, email marketing is an excellent way for launching new products and for evening out the seasonal fluctuations in demand in shops and in the online store. The customers will receive information about offers, new arrivals and the products of the following season right away. Email marketing gives a boost to new campaigns and makes it easy to highlight different products if needed.The influence of emails can be clearly seen in brick and mortar stores where customers arrive inspired by email marketing.

What our customers think

The workflow is intuitive all the way from editing to sending the messages. I don’t get insecure at any point.
Minna Keinänen Marketing assistant, Keuruu Electricity
In LianaMailer we especially appreciate the ease of use and the possibility to modify letter templates. The service is constantly evolving and our suggestions for improvements are well listened to. We have been very pleased with LianaMailer and continuously look for new ways of making use of its features.
Juha Yli-Koski Marketing Manager, G4S Finland

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