Lappset Group sends out Newsletters with LianaMailer

1. Starting Point

1. Starting Point

Lappset Group Ltd. is one of world's leading playground equipment manufacturers. The objective of Lappset was to find an easy-to-use, straightforward newsletter tool. The tool also had to easily adapt for international use since the tool was to be used in various markets in different languages. In addition, one of the most important criterion was the partner's reliability and the overall functionality of the service.

2. Planning and Execution

2. Planning and Execution Lari Suomalainen When using Drag & Drop editor, the templates adapt according to the content and need of the sender, not the other way around. The new editor has been a success among our customers. Lari Suomalainen Global Head of Sales, Liana Technologies

Communicative needs strongly steered the planning and implementation of Lappset's newsletter. The template and graphic layout were designed by an advertising agency and the Drag & Drop editor of LianaMailer was used for technical implementation. The Drag & Drop editor was considered to be an effective and quick way of managing content and composing newsletters.

3. Result

View image 3. Result Irma Kuukasjärvi LianaMailer is an excellent tool for creating newsletters, we already use it in several countries. Irma Kuukasjärvi Communications Manager, Lappset Group Ltd.

Lappset Group now has an easy-to-use and efficient tool for both internal and external communications. Their experience of the system and of their co-operation with Liana Technologies have been nothing but positive. Lappset also appreciates the desire of Liana Technologies to develop the system further and bringing new features and product innovations within the reach of existing customers.

What our customers think

The customer really matters for Liana Technologies, which shows as friendly, quick and professional service. The real time online chat has been an irreplaceable help in urgent situations.
Stiina Laaksonen Publicist, MTL - The Finnish Association of Marketing Communication Agencies
Definitely the best outcomes have resulted from carefully targeted newsletters where we have been able to address the consumers with interesting, exclusive content. We are especially happy with the fact that LianaMailer is an evolving system that brings new product innovations within our reach.
Aki Kaukola Brand Manager, Mazda, Inchcape Motors Finland

Interested? Contact Us for More Information!

Interested? Contact Us for More Information!

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