Terms of Use

Summary of LianaMailer's Terms of Use

LianaMailer is a cloud-based tool provided by Liana Technologies. With our tool, it is possible to create emails that companies and organizations use for marketing and communication purposes as well as for informing. Along every contract we send our customers our general terms and conditions where there is a more comprehensive list of conditions related to the use of our product. Here is a summary of those conditions.

  1. We work according to Finnish law and good marketing manners. We require this also from the users of our tool.
  2. We do not accept spamming through our service. We intervene in misuse according to our principles.
  3. All direct marketing implemented through our services must be based either on consent, authorization on the basis of one's position or previous customer relationship.
  4. We require that all emails sent through our service can be unsubscribed.
  5. We require that in processing personal details, current law and directions are followed.
  6. All in all, from the users of the service we require good marketing manners.