Principles of using the service

LianaMailer is a product of Liana Technologies that has been on the market since 2006. Our product is used for email campaigns that reach several million recipients per month. Our job is to guide our customers to implement email marketing according to the law and to follow our product's terms and conditions. We do our best to make sure that our product is used the right way and we react if misuse is detected. We work according to Finnish law and good marketing behaviour.

How do we prevent misuse?

  1. We monitor our customers' campaigns 24/7 and analyze their content.
  2. We obligate each user to follow our general terms that we deliver as attachement of every contract.
  3. The use of our products is monitored by several different monitoring technologies. In addtion, the use is always monitored by a person.
  4. Our tool always includes a automated newsletter subscription and unsubscription tool.
  5. We always check bigger mailing lists before use and demand for transparency whenit comes to the source of address.
  6. Our system automatically handles bounces (so-called Soft Bounces and Hard Bounces)

We train and guide our customers

  1. We send our customers monthly customer letters where we inform them on what's new regarding the Liana products they use. In the letters we also guide them on matters related to email marketing.
  2. We send the email marketer's letter, the content of which is completely targeted for email marketing.
  3. We produce also email marketer's guidebook that can be downloaded online and from Apple iBookstore.
  4. Our employees are also trained and obliged to guide and give instructions to our customers regarding email marketing and communications.

How do we react on misuse?

  1. Letters sent with our product always have a unique URL address for that particular letter, which you can tell us if you get unwanted or suspicious email. We look into the suspected misuse as soon as possible and if necessary, ask our customer to fix the matter.
  2. We also monitor the feedback we get through service providers and anti-spam operators and take action if necessary.
  3. We inform our customer if we detect mistakes or misuse with the product. In these kinds of situations we instruct how to fix it.
  4. If the misuse continues despite our complaints, we shall act according to our terms and conditions and restrict or even close the user account in question.

Properly conducted email marketing is for the benefit of us, our customers and the recipients.

Report Misuse

We look into every report and react to misuse according to our principles.

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