Effective B2B Marketing

Conduct Measurable and Effective B2B Marketing

Conduct Measurable and Effective B2B Marketing Lari Suomalainen The importance of reporting data is emphasized in B2B marketing. Based on newsletter clicks, it is possible to find leads and steer the sales to the right direction. Lari Suomalainen Global Head of Sales, Liana Technologies

Correctly implemented email marketing is one of the most efficient forms of digital marketing. One of its greatest advantages is that it is measurable, the significance of which is emphasized in B2B marketing. Digital direct marketing is an excellent way of nurturing sales contacts and bringing potential customers closer to a purchase decision. The key to success is constant updating of the register and making the most of the follow-up data. The reports for B2B marketing give you information on individuals and single clicks, which enables you to distinguish the hot leads from the colder contacts. 

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Digital Direct Reaches Your Main Target Groups

Digital Direct Reaches Your Main Target Groups

In B2B there are often multiple interest groups involved. A digital newsletter is an excellent way of contacting those groups. Apart from developing and nurturing leads, our customers in B2B sector make use of digital direct letters for contacting e.g. current customers, retailers, partners and international units. Since LianaMailer is scaling, it is a great tool of communication for both small businesses and global organizations.

We have created several integrations for LianaMailer, which make the CRM programmes and other important background systems to interact with the email marketing tool. Contact us for more information on LianaMailer as a tool for B2B marketing!

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Examples of B2B Marketing

B2B Marketing Case

B2B Marketing Case Minna Andersson LianaMailer offered us ease of use, efficiency and many new features compared to the previous tools. Minna Andersson Marketing and Responsibility Manager, Martela Plc

Martela's main focus is on B2B marketing which is carried out in different units in Europe. When acquiring a new newsletter tool Martela wanted to unify corporate tools since, until that point, they had used several different tools. LianaMailer's multilingual user interface and technical support makes it easy to use the tool flexibly across country and language borders.

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What our customers think

The workflow is intuitive all the way from editing to sending the messages. I don’t get insecure at any point.
Minna Keinänen Marketing assistant, Keuruu Electricity
In LianaMailer we especially appreciate the ease of use and the possibility to modify letter templates. The service is constantly evolving and our suggestions for improvements are well listened to. We have been very pleased with LianaMailer and continuously look for new ways of making use of its features.
Juha Yli-Koski Marketing Manager, G4S Finland

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Interested? Contact Us for More Information!

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