Internal and External Communications with Newsletters

Newsletter works for External and Internal Communications

Newsletter works for External and Internal Communications Stiina Laaksonen We use LianaMailer for member communication and for event marketing purposes. LianaMailer's templates are quick and easy to modify according to the visual appearance of different events. Stiina Laaksonen Publicist, MTL - The Finnish Association of Marketing Communication Agencies

A digital newsletter is an effective and measurable tool for communication. Apart from external marketing communications, a newsletter is a superb way of implementing internal communications. Especially larger corporations often need to share information both externally and internally, for example with investors and staff. As a mean of communication, email is personal and reaches its recipients anywhere and at all times. A graphic newsletter also is an impressive way to communicate since it reflects the company's image and can also be used to bring out the faces behind different units in the company.

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Digital Member Letters for Informing and Boosting Communications

Digital Member Letters for Informing and Boosting Communications

A digital membership newsletter is an efficient way of reaching your members when it suits them best. Traditionally, membership communication has been conducted with printed media. However, more and more membership magazines have become digital. Nevertheless, digital communication does not replace traditional means of communication completely but is used to support other marketing. The advantages of digital channels are cost-efficiency and measurability.

LianaMailer has been integrated with multiple CRM systems and other membership information databases. With these integrations, existing membership data can easily be utilized for newsletters. With active communication, updating and keeping track of membership data will also become easier.

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Examples of Newsletter Communication

Communications Case

Communications Case Pirjo Tiippana Drag & Drop-based newsletter is easy to deliver, the content is clear and it looks well-structured. Managing mailing lists and subscriber information is easy. Pirjo Tiippana Communications Specialist, SOSTE

SOSTE, Finnish Society for Social and Health Policies, is a national parent organization that brings together over 180 organizations working on the field of social and healthcare as well as other partners. By acquiring LianaMailer for sending newsletters, SOSTE has found a centralized mean of communication that can later on easily be expanded for additional needs. The staff has not only been very pleased with the overall functionality of the system but also with the clarity and usability of the newsletter templates.

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What our customers think

In LianaMailer we especially appreciate the ease of use and the possibility to modify letter templates. The service is constantly evolving and our suggestions for improvements are well listened to. We have been very pleased with LianaMailer and continuously look for new ways of making use of its features.
Juha Yli-Koski Marketing Manager, G4S Finland
The workflow is intuitive all the way from editing to sending the messages. I don’t get insecure at any point.
Minna Keinänen Marketing assistant, Keuruu Electricity

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