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Email Marketing - The Most Efficient Way of Digital Marketing

Email Marketing - The Most Efficient Way of Digital Marketing Juho Antikainen Email marketing is a crucial part of eCommerce. The channel generates traffic and makes targeted marketing effortless. Juho Antikainen Sales Manager, Liana Technologies

Email marketing is at its most efficient when the campaigns are targeted with care and the content is interesting to its reader. The visual aspect is also important since an image is worth a thousand words and it significantly affects the efficiency of marketing. In mailings created with LianaMailer, the recipient does not need to download the pictures, they are automatically displayed in the email. Messages created with our tool are also technically functional, their size is optimized and they are mobile-friendly. LianaMailer offers the best possible starting point for successful marketing and creation of interesting content.

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Targeted and Measurable Email Marketing

Targeted and Measurable Email Marketing

Targeted email marketing is an excellent sales booster in eCommerce for example. With LianaMailer's modular Drag & Drop editor, you can effortlessly create letter templates for different brands and products that can easily be modified for different purposes. Valuable information is later gained from the follow-up reports that you can use for improving your company's communications. LianaMailer also enables you to create automated messaging such as shopping cart remiders or customer care and lead nurturing programmes.

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LianaMailer's support chat works like a charm, you never have to wait for an answer and you will get a solution for your problem right away. This kind of real time service is contemporary! After having experienced LianaMailer's impeccable support service, it is hard to settle for waiting for email replies the next day or week or queuing on the telephone.
Anna Mäkelä Communications Manager, IAB Finland
With the reporting tools, it is easy to keep track on openings and clicking percentages and to target the messages to different groups. LianaMailer is significantly more efficient and more pleasant to use than the tools we had before.
Heidi Wilkman Project Manager, MTL - The Finnish Association of Marketing Communication Agencies

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Interested? Contact Us for More Information!

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