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Newsletter Engages Tuukka Manner It's very hard to come up with a company or a line of business that newsletters wouldn't suit. Engaging your customers and communicating with them is important no matter what line of business you are in. Tuukka Manner Country Manager, Germany Liana Technologies

Every company and community has something to say about themselves. To whom the things are told and how is closely related to the whole communication strategy and its objectives. More and more organizations have chosen a digital newsletter as a part of their own communications strategy. As a mean of communication, newsletter is effective, personal and measurable. In addition, it easily scales for multiple purposes, e.g. customer communication, internal communication, interest group communication and member communication. With LianaMailer's user-friendly tool you can create newsletters easily with style and efficiency.

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Newsletter - Natural Continuation of Communication

Newsletter - Natural Continuation of Communication

From a technical point of view, a newsletter can be executed in various ways. The most traditional way is to create it on a ready-made template where each picture and all text are added separately for each newsletter. Many of our customers take advantage of automatic content created by RSS feed or straight from an online journal. This is how a newsletter becomes a natural continuation for news and communication without taking up much resources. 

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Examples of Newsletters

Newsletter Case

Newsletter Case Irma Kuukasjärvi LianaMailer is an excellent newsletter tool. We already use it in several countries. Irma Kuukasjärvi Communications Manager, Lappset Group Ltd.

Lappset Group Ltd. is one of world's leading playground equipment manufacturers. The objective of Lappset was to find a easy-to-use, straightforward newsletter tool. The tool also had to easily adapt for international use since the customers were not only in Finland but also in other countries such as Germany. In addition, one of the most important criterion was the partner's reliability and usability of the service.

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What our customers think

In LianaMailer we especially appreciate the ease of use and the possibility to modify letter templates. The service is constantly evolving and our suggestions for improvements are well listened to. We have been very pleased with LianaMailer and continuously look for new ways of making use of its features.
Juha Yli-Koski Marketing Manager, G4S Finland
With the reporting tools, it is easy to keep track on openings and clicking percentages and to target the messages to different groups. LianaMailer is significantly more efficient and more pleasant to use than the tools we had before.
Heidi Wilkman Project Manager, MTL - The Finnish Association of Marketing Communication Agencies

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Interested? Contact Us for More Information!

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