Compose newsletters with Drag & Drop Editing

Composing Newsletters is Easy with Drag & Drop Editor

Composing Newsletters is Easy with Drag & Drop Editor Jasmin Blomster The Drag & Drop template makes it possible to modify the newsletter to suit each mailing. The movable modules enable not only a visually clear but also an informative result without messing up the predetermined general appearance. Jasmin Blomster Account Manager, Liana Technologies

LianaMailer's Drag & Drop editor is one of the easiest to use on the market. When using the modular Drag & Drop template, you do not have to modify the content according to the template, but the template adapts according to your needs. By dragging and dropping you can freely add, delete or move content blocks without messing up the newsletter's layout. With the Drag & Drop editor you can thus concentrate on what's important - your content. In the background, we take care of the technique and make sure everything works at your receivers' end. You can even drag and drop images straight from your desktop and LianaMailer will optimize and scale them automatically.

The best way to get an idea of the most handy editor on the market is to try it yourself. Ask for a demo or directly contact our sales!

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Features of Drag & Drop Editor

Features of Drag & Drop Editor

  • Drag & Drop: You can change the places of the movable content blocks and freely arrange them.
  • Add new sections: New sections are chosen from a block library and dragged directly to the right place on the editor.
  • Delete unnecessary sections: An empty section is deleted with "delete this section" button.
  • Drag & Drop images: You can add images to your newsletter directly from your desktop.
  • Maintain the brand look and layout: you may pre-determine fixed sections that cannot be altered. The coherent appearance of the brand will thus be maintained.
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Personalize Content Based on Subscriber Profiles

Personalize Content Based on Subscriber Profiles

The content blocks of LianaMailer's Drag & Drop editor enable you to personalize your message according to subscriber preferences.

With the content filter feature you can easily filter the text or images according to the age, gender, hometown or any other feature of your subscriber. This allows you to create your letters with little effort while targeting well at the same time. As a basis, you can use content suitable for all and personalize only some sections of your letter. This is how one letter can be used for multiple communication purposes, which will save resources and working hours.

What our customers think

With the reporting tools, it is easy to keep track on openings and clicking percentages and to target the messages to different groups. LianaMailer is significantly more efficient and more pleasant to use than the tools we had before.
Heidi Wilkman Project Manager, MTL - The Finnish Association of Marketing Communication Agencies
The workflow is intuitive all the way from editing to sending the messages. I don’t get insecure at any point.
Minna Keinänen Marketing assistant, Keuruu Electricity

Interested? Contact Us for More Information!

Interested? Contact Us for More Information!

Do not hesitate to contact us, ask for a demo and get to know LianaMailer better.

You will get the best idea of LianaMailer, its features and user interface by seeing it and trying it out yourself. By showing us your interest, you will get a free demo of LianaMailer at your own office or online. We guarantee that you will not be disappointed after seeing LianaMailer.

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