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LianaMailer Delivers Your Emails Reliably

LianaMailer Delivers Your Emails Reliably Jarkko Haapalainen We are constantly working for ensuring successful delivery of messages. This requires both active following of information security issues as well as continuous product development. Jarkko Haapalainen Chief Technology Officer, Liana Technologies

Email spam filters develop constantly and it is not self-evident that your message will end up in the inbox. It is not wise to send messages for masses of people from your personal email account as, in the worst case scenario, the whole email traffic of the company may be at risk as a result of ending up on a black list. When you want to reach more people, it is wiser to turn to a professional newsletter tool provider instead. However, reliable delivery is not self-evident even to all the newsletter tool providers, it requires continuous work and perseverance in the fields of product development and information security.

LianaMailer's Technical Details

Trustworthy Servers and Sustainable Development

Trustworthy Servers and Sustainable Development

It is important to us as a digital marketing software provider to guide our customers towards sustainable and professional communications. Therefore, we have published a free guide to email marketing that has already been downloaded around 7000 times by people who are interested in the practices and procedures of email marketing. 

In email marketing, it is extremely important that the messages are well targeted, which separates the professionals from the spammers. If problems occur, we have secured the delivery of the messages with a decentralized server network that does not compromise our customers communications even in tough situations. The highly reputable servers of Liana Technologies are situated in Finland.

What our customers think

The workflow is intuitive all the way from editing to sending the messages. I don’t get insecure at any point.
Minna Keinänen Marketing assistant, Keuruu Electricity
In LianaMailer we especially appreciate the ease of use and the possibility to modify letter templates. The service is constantly evolving and our suggestions for improvements are well listened to. We have been very pleased with LianaMailer and continuously look for new ways of making use of its features.
Juha Yli-Koski Marketing Manager, G4S Finland

Interested? Contact Us for More Information!

Interested? Contact Us for More Information!

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You will get the best idea of LianaMailer, its features and user interface by seeing it and trying it out yourself. By showing us your interest, you will get a free demo of LianaMailer at your own office or online. We guarantee that you will not be disappointed after seeing LianaMailer.

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