Why LianaMailer?

LianaMailer™ is a part of the Liana product family

With the help of Liana's tools you can take care of the entire continuum of digital marketing and communications. All Liana Technologies' tools work together seamlessly and scale according to your needs. Each product works very well on their own, but put together they work even better.

Liana Technologies offers tools for every step of the digital marketing continuum. Our solutions include email marketing, website building and content management, eCommerce, marketing automation, press release distribution as well as media monitoring. 

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Drag & Drop Editing

Drag & Drop Editing Lari Suomalainen Our customers' needs have been the driving force to develop the Drag & Drop in the first place. In my opinion, you cannot find a more user-friendly editor on the market. Lari Suomalainen Global Head of Sales Liana Technologies

Composing newsletters is easy and fun with LianaMailer's Drag & Drop editor. The editor allows you to easily adapt and modify both the content and structure of your letter without messing up its general appearance. In addition, movable modules enable you to personalize different sections of the letter according to the characteristics of your subscribers, such as age, gender, profession or hometown.

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Mobile-Friendliness Samuli Tursas An American study has shown that 18 % of recipients immediately unsubscribe, if the letter is not mobile-friendly. Nowadays, almost half of all received emails are opened on a mobile device. Samuli Tursas CEO, Liana Technologies

A mobile-friendly newsletter is both pleasant to read and giving a professional impression of its sender. Recent research has shown that almost 50 % of all emails are already read using a mobile device. LianaMailer's responsive templates automatically scale into the appropriate format according to the end device, thus giving your top-notch content and newsletter the best possible starting point to achieve its goals. 

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Email Delivery

Email Delivery Mika Tiainen Mailings with bigger audiences are not a problem for us. We have as customers several global enterprises, whose messaging reaches a great number of people on daily basis. Mika Tiainen Sales Manager, Liana Technologies

In product development, Liana Technologies is devoted to the reliability of communications: server condition, their reputation, capacity and information security. When communicating through LianaMailer, you can rest assured that your messages are sent according to schedule, quickly and always delivered reliably. The previous is not self-evident for any email service provider but requires continuous work and perseverance.

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Automations Pia Hakola Marketing automations come up more and more frequently in business negotiations and meetings. Clearly companies have now noticed their importance and relevance. Pia Hakola Sales Director, Liana Technologies

LianaMailer email marketing tool works seamlessly together with LianaCEM tool, which is a marketing automation platform and a customer information database. CEM gathers digital signals from different sources and creates personalized customer profiles. Based on these profiles, marketing can be turned into targeted dialogue and personalized messages that are sent at the right time with the right content.

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Multilingual Samuel Sihvola Well-functioning technical support is important. In the hour of need it is important to be understood and to get help as soon as possible. Samuel Sihvola Key Account Manager, Liana Technologies

LianaMailer is a multilingual tool that can easily be used across country borders. LianaMailer's user interface is available in many languages and used in international corporations and their subsidiaries all over the world. Our technical support flexibly serves customers abroad.

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What our customers think

We wanted to create a high-quality factual newsletter that is pleasant to read. We send one specifically themed newsletter each month. With LianaMailer, composing and sending newsletters is effortless. We are very happy with LianaMailer and the customer service Liana Technologies has offered us.
Marko Kesti CEO, Mcompetence
Above all, we appreciate the fact that the images in emails download automatically. Targeted messages are created easily and quickly and we get comprehensive and clear reports of everything. LianaMailer has fulfilled all our hopes.
Suvi Aalto eCommerce Manager, Nordic Moneta Ltd.

Interested? Contact Us for More Information!

Interested? Contact Us for More Information!

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